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mpath Laboratories was established in 1997 for the Pathology Laboratory practice Drs Du Buisson, Kramer, Swart, Bouwer Incorporated.


Today, we are a leading South African based pathology services network providing reference laboratory services to the rest of the world through state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic equipment. Ampath performs nearly 100,000 clinical tests every day focusing on quality, accuracy and agility in our testing services, earning us a reputation as one of the top clinical reference laboratories globally.

Our well-respected Pathologists continuously work on contributing to scientific advancements, providing access to developments in diagnostic testing for improved patient outcomes.


Ampath offers the full range of both routine and specialised services.

As a brand, we deliver accessible, value-based and integrated healthcare solutions for improved patient outcomes. Our vision is to be the leader in enabling healthier futures.


Solutions are in our DNA and we strive to deliver these through providing the right solutions, the right advice and the right experience at every point of service.





Our Allergy & Immunology services provide expert and specialised diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of immune and allergic diseases. We have honorary links with the University of Pretoria and run a public clinic for South Africans with limited means.




Our Chemical Pathologists specialise in identifying biochemical changes that occur in, or are associated with, imbalance or disease.




Our Genetics services offer tests that can be used for screening, diagnostic predictive, carrier and prognostic purposes. These include testing related to congenital abnormalities/developmental disorders, inherited cancer syndromes, reproductive genetics (non-invasive prenatal testing – NIPT, products of conception and prenatal diagnosis), paternity testing, pharmacogenomics and haematological/solid tumour testing.




Our Haematology Pathologists specialise in the physiology, pathology, aetiology, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention of blood-related disorders. In addition to providing valuable diagnostic and treatment support to doctors, we offer an INR monitoring and dosing service for patients on warfarin therapy (a drug used to prevent blood clots).




Our Histopathology services are well respected across the world. International experts have lauded the quality of Ampath histo- and cytopathology diagnoses and services. We are part of International External Quality Assurance Programmes and focus on high-quality results within reasonable turnaround times. We have experienced Histopathologists with the added value of international acknowledgment.




Ampath Microbiology has one of the first fully-automated diagnostic microbiology laboratories in Africa. Our Microbiologists provide comprehensive microbiology services to doctors working in hospitals and out-patient practices. Clinical specimens are processed in bacteriology, mycology and mycobacteriology for microscopy, culture and susceptibility testing. Diagnostics in infectious diseases is enhanced by our state-of-the-art molecular laboratory, serology and immunology departments.

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All donations we collect get allocated to the great initiatives run by our worthy beneficiaries:

  •  The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital
    • Weekend Waiting List Project
  • The Christiaan Barnard Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
    • 1000 Hearts initiative