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The Children’s Cardiac Foundation of Africa saves lives and improves the health of children with congenital heart disease in Africa. They do this by raising funds for heart surgeries and by training specialists and support staff in the field of paediatric cardiac care.

The Children’s Cardiac Foundation Surgical Program: South Africa


The Cardiac Foundation’s model is a public-private collaborative initiative to extend modern paediatric cardiac care to the continent. They utilise excess capacity in a private unit to facilitate surgery for indigent patients who otherwise would have to wait for access to care in a state facility.
National waiting lists for paediatric cardiac surgery are currently estimated in excess of 3,000 patients. We aim to reduce the number of children on surgical waiting lists to less than 100 nationally by 2025.

Surgical Program: Rest of Africa


As a South African based organisation, we understand the unique healthcare challenges Africa faces.
With this in mind, the Program affords African governments the opportunity to access world-class paediatric cardiac facilities in South Africa, either free of charge or at significantly subsidised rates.







Training Program: Africa


Africa’s slow progress in the diagnosis and effective treatment of congenital heart disease in children led us to design a training program which focuses on pediatric cardiac care. Led by Prof. Rob Kinsley, the Program launches later this year and is open to African nationals, presently working on the African continent in the medical field.

Surgical Beneficiaries


Number of children receiving heart surgery through the Foundation’s Surgical Programs. *Number of procedures will be shown separately.

Post-surgical Success


Patient post-surgical survival rate i.e., child survived at least 30* days after receiving surgery. *Measure as per the UK’s National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research.

Medical Staff


Number of doctors, nurses and/ or support staff trained in paediatric cardiac care by the Foundation’s Training Program.



Funding required (in ZAR). The Foundation allocates at least 92% of all funds received directly to its Surgical and Training Programs

Professor Robin Kinsley speaks about the problems of having children with heart disease on a waiting list.




All donations we collect get allocated to the great initiatives run by our worth beneficiaries:

  • The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital
    • Weekend Waiting List Project
  • The Groote Schuur Hospital
    • 1000 Hearts initiative
  • The Children’s Cardiac Foundation Of Africa

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